Local cuisine and orders

It’s possible to taste the local wine and the  regional dishes with a vegan or exotic twist, and it’s also possible to buy seasonal vegetables directly from the farm.

We accept orders via e-mail or by phone from Monday to Thursday, pick-up is from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday morning. Order pick ups can also be done on Friday afternoon at the ethical purchasing groups in Lecce.

After a dip in the blue sea of the Otranto’s or Gallipoli’s coast, or a visit to the wonders of the Baroque center of Lecce, don’t miss the farms activities.

Recently Piccapane opened a new restaurant called, Biosteria, a new way of thinking about food.
Everything that grows in the garden is cooked. If they wish, guests can collect by themselves what they will eat in the evening. Only organic fertilizers (manure and green manure) and natural repellents (neem oil) against pests, are used on the garden.

Native seeds are recovered and mechanical means are minimized