The crops

The vision of sustainable agriculture identifies organic methods, a short supply chain and the sale of natural and healthy products with a fair price.

Piccapane, considers this to be necessary for the growth of small to medium sized production lots and direct sales to the end user.

The farm Piccapane is located in Cutrofiano, in the center of Salento. The farm's assets include about 2500 “leccino” thirty-year- old olive trees, 3 hectares of secular Mediterranean olive groves, “cellina” and “ogliarola” varieties (about 100 trees), 1 hectar of vegetable garden and 3 hectares of cereals.

The experience of the olive tree growers comes from researching natural methods of cultivation. The farm searched for an alternative agricultural model to that of the dominant one that focuses only on profit and mono cultural productions with only high volume and low business margin.


The first year of production with the sale of grain to 12 euro per quintal could not get even half of the costs incurred,
as well, the following year, we decided sow hats and Khorasan, grind it directly
and work with local artisans to produce pasta and bakery products